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For everything about the bike Our ​​company is Cicliscotto, with its team of highly qualified professionals.

For everything on biking our reference company is Cicliscotto Bike Team, with its team of highly qualified professionals.

Cicliscotto Bike Team has a long history: born from the passion for cycling of Vincent Scotto of Abusco, amateur cyclist and his sons: Michael and Emmanuel.

Michael in particular was in 2001 Campania champion in the junior category and then became a professional cyclist from 2002 to 2007: 2002-2003 Lampre, 2004-2005 Lampre Caffita, 2006-2007 Team Flaminia.

 The Cicliscotto addition to selling the biggest brands in the world, with personalized custom bike builds its own brand, both racing and mountain biking. At the company's headquarters in Via Leonardo Mazzella Ischia you can rent bikes, complete assistance for road bikes is available - from repairs to settings and personal settings - and one can purchase spare parts, sports apparel, helmets, goggles, and sports supplements.

 Finally Cicliscotto with Ischiabikehotels offers free-guided hikes along the most beautiful trails and paths of the island of Ischia. You can choose between different routes already studied and practiced, divided according to difficulty and distance. You will be accompanied to discover places of great natural beauty for days of sport, with magnificent views overlooking woods and intoxicating courses.